Hello and welcome!  

So you're here to learn a little bit about me, well let's go.  

It was studying for my degree in Visual Communications at University of Ulster that I really got to grips with my passion for photography.  That was in 2001, it's since been a seventeen year love affair with a lust for food as my bit on the side.

After graduating with a 1st, I began my professional photography journey working with leading portrait brand Venture Studios in Belfast.  It was here I truly learned my trade and I loved it. We parted ways after six years when I moved into shooting jewellery and products.  A very different set of skills required altogether and challenging to say the least but again I loved the learning curve. Fast forward another six years to marriage, two Jack Russells and an obsession with all things food related and you'll find me here, seeking every opportunity to dive into the culinary world and shoot it from every angle.  Cooking has always been a release for me both after a long day and as a creative outlet. To bring these two worlds together seemed right and I truly love what I do.  




Sharon Cosgrove
Belfast, N.Ireland